As one of the most popular American football team, Pittsburgh Steelers was founded in 1933 and has more than 75 years history till 2009. Over the past 75 years, Pittsburgh Steelers had won a variety of awards. This is also the main reason why Pittsburgh Steelers had attracted so many people’s attention.

Pittsburgh Steelers has three principal competitors who are located in the same region. In addition, there are the other three teams also considered as Pittsburgh Steelers’ competitors. One of them is Cleveland Browns, established in 1946. The other two competitors are Cincinnati Bengal and Baltimore Ravens, founded in 1937 and 1996 respectively.

There are plenty of excellent players in Pittsburgh Steelers and all of them have made significant contribution to Pittsburgh Steelers’ great success. One of these players is Heath Miller whose name is so well-known to American household. Heath Miller joined Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005 and just announced his retirement in the beginning of this year after 11 Seasons with the Steelers.

Among all the competitions Pittsburgh Steelers has won in history, the one in 2009 Season may be the most impressive not only to all the audiences but also to Heath Miller as well. In the fourth week of the Season, Heath Miller and other team members beat Baltimore Ravens with their spare jersey. Then, in the 15th week of the Season, at Baltimore competition, Heath Miller and Steelers’ other team members beat Baltimore Ravens with their white jersey. To be even more excitingly, in the final AFC competition, Heath Miller together with all other team members beat Baltimore Ravens, with their bumblebee jersey. As a result, Heath Miller and other Pittsburgh Steelers’ members became the first team wearing three different jerseys while beating the same competitors in the same Season in NFL history. From this point of view, Heath Miller together with his team members had made a new record in NFL history.

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